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I started in this business originally when I was at college to earn some extra pocket money. The business originally was called Custom HID, as I was only selling HID kits. I was also working for car accessory retailer Halfords. Then after college I went off to University, where when I started there I quickly realised that I could no longer run the business and do my university work. So I had to make the hard decision to sell the business. I had a few LED side lights left from the business so I listed them on eBay to get rid of them. They sold much quicker than I expected so I thought I’d buy some more in to sell as these could just be popped in a letter box where the HID kits needed to be taken into the post office. There was a letter box just outside my flat at university so I thought I would be able to manage both.  This was how Custom LED started.

After this grew and grew once again, I decided to leave university to do this full time. After a few months of doing it full time from home, I decided the business needed premises. So after a further few months of searching I decided on a unit at Team Valley, one of the UK’s largest industrial estates.

I started Custom LED with 1 type of bulb and since then we have grew to stock over 400 different lines of products at out Gateshead premises. Now also having the availability to order in a further 1000+ products for next day delivery, or delivery direct to the customers home.

More recently we have introduced lighting products for more than just cars. These include HGV’s, boats, motorhomes, household, and commercial premises (clubs, pubs, restaurants, and shops).

We also fit all our products giving us a lot of hands on experience with our products and allowing us to advise on what are the best products for every solution. Many other retailers simply sell the products, meaning that they don’t know exactly what will work best in every situation.


Thomas Dormand


Custom LED Ltd

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