Why Custom LED?

Who we are

We are car enthusiasts through and through and love every type of motorsport. We regularly go to motorsport events and car shows round the country including the York Raceway, Evington and the famous Santa Pod. We are also major off roading addicts, going out every chance we get (when we haven’t broken our toys).

From this we gain a lot of knowledge of what people are looking for in terms of lighting products and a lot of hands on experience with our products, fitting most of them to our own vehicles.


We only sell the highest quality products, as it helps everyone both the customer and us. Less hassle for the customer means less hassle for us. You may call us selfish but that’s the main angle we take in consideration when testing new products. This leads us to our next point. We test all our products thoroughly before we offer them for sale to the general public, making sure what you’re buying more that fit for purpose.


We are an actual company that is going nowhere anytime soon, so if you product has a 2 year or even 5 year warranty we will still be around to honour that warranty, not every company can say the same.  Our warranty is second to none and being a 100% UK based company you can trust that any warranty claims will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with no need for posting products back to their country of origin which is what a lot of sellers of these types of products do.


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