Alien Magic Express - 500ml

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Express is a super high gloss filling glaze, the non-abrasive emulsion polish contains unrivalled new Nano Technology for extended wax protection and dirt repelling capabilities. Stringently tested to ensure total compatibility with all modern day paint finishes including HS, Ceramic Clear coat etc.

Express Imparts a deep wet-look gloss lustrous shine, combined with unrivalled durability significantly above that of conventional polishes. Express contains an emulsified blend of Carnauba waxes, non volatile silicones, polyurethanes, polishing aids, non aromatic solvents and water totally eradicating dusting problems and minimizes rubber and plastic staining.

Express provides such a high gloss its an amazing last stage product but its equally as great as a filling glaze meaning this is a truly versatile product for multiple uses.

Key Benefits

  • Fills imperfections in paint
  • Non-abrasive Nano emulsion
  • Total compatibility with alll modern day paint finishes
  • Unrivalled durability and deep wet-look gloss shine
  • Minimizes staining on rubber and plastic

Car Care Advice

Filling glazes are designed to fill imperfections in the surface and leave behind a smooth and shiny finish. Express is different in that it not on fills but also imparts a deep wet glossy shine so its ideal not only to fill but also as a LSP.

Direction For Use

Shake the bottle well

By Hand:

    • Use a foam applicator or quality microfibre cloth to avoid introducing damage on sensitive surfaces
    • Apply a few drops of polish to the applicator or cloth
    • Using overlapping straight-line motions apply to the surfaces
    • Allow to haze
    • Buff to a high gloss finish using a plush microfibre towel

By Machine Polisher:

  • Prime the pad and apply a few drops onto the polishing pad
  • Using speed 4-5, polish the surface in straight-line overlapping motions
  • Allow to haze
  • Buff to a high gloss finish using a plush microfibre towel
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