Feynlab Ceramic Plastic - 30ml

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FEYNLAB® Plastic reformulates the faded dull oxidized surface into a deep rich looking finish that also grants a new chemical structure which protects from UV rays and future fading.

Once Plastic is Fully Cured, it is recommended to top with Universal for UV protection.

Durability, Warranty, & Application Surfaces

Warranty Duration – 1 yr. 

Application includes 1 component layer, reaching an overall film build between 1-2 microns.


  • Black textured plastics
  • Black plastic bumpers

Shelf Life:

Unopened  – 1 year.   


30ml (1oz) FEYNLAB® Plastic


Always wear respirator & gloves during application. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean vehicle using FEYNLAB® PURE WASH vehicle to remove all topical contamination. Follow with a topical decontamination clay treatment using FEYNLAB® PRIME.


Prior to application place vehicle in a well lit, temperature controlled 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), & contamination

free environment.

Shake PLASTIC vigorously for 1 min before use.

Application Instructions:

  • Using the microfiber applicator, apply a small amount of PLASTIC and work into the surface. The amount of product should be enough to evenly coat the area without over saturation.
  • Allow plastic to dwell and seep in for 5 min or apply as much as needed in a 5 minute window.
  • After 5 min, go back to starting place and wipe any excess product to even out surface.

Note: The amount of Plastic required will vary based upon the overall type of plastic and the starting condition. More oxidized faded plastics may require more product for restoration. For extremely faded plastic use FEYNLAB®PLASTIC BLACK.


Be sure to carefully inspect all finished panels for any leftover coating residue (high spots) during the final wipe. Commonly edges, emblems, and other tight areas may contain some remaining residue. High spots are much easier to remove if caught within a 20-40 min window after the final wipe, than later when the coating has set and curing has started.

Post Application Instructions

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Cure plastic in the sun right after application as long as possible.
  • Avoid any incidental water exposure for 4 hours. If it occurs, gently wipe water off the surface.
  • Avoid all chemicals including car washes for 7 days.

Climate Notes

All FEYNLAB®  Coatings are subject to different dwell and curing time windows due to humidity and temperature. In General, the higher the humidity level the quicker the coating will cure. If humidity level approaches 80% or higher then consider lessening the recommended dwell and wipe times for the coating.

If possible apply coating in temperature controlled environment 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), with humidity as low as possible.

The Feynlab Ceramic Plastic - 30ml is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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