Chemical Guys Red Foam Applicator Die Cut 4" x 1.25

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The best applicator for wax and paste wax application
Waxing the car used to be a back-breaking, time-consuming job. It was easy to spend hours spreading messy coats of wax over all the paint, then even longer rubbing and scrubbing it all off with a towel. By the time you finished, you hated your car and didn’t car if it shined at all. Now it’s an easy job with the Die Cut Durafoam Applicator Pad! The ultra-soft plush foam pad picks up the perfect amount of paste wax from the pot, then spreads the thinnest, most-even coat of wax over paintwork, glass, clear plastics, and polished metal car parts. Anything more than a thin coat of wax is waste. Think about it: only the wax that is touching the paint will stick to the microscopic pores of the paint finish. Anything thicker than that layer gets wiped up in your towel. So laying on a “thick” coat of wax doesn’t make it “work better” or “last longer!” The refined Die Cut Durafoam Applicator Pad is the professional’s tool for spreading the perfect coat of glaze, sealant, or wax by hand. Keep one Die Cut Pad for exterior detailing, and one for interior detailing. Use the Die Cut Pad to spread leather conditioner into seats and upholstery, and spread protectant dressings over dashboards and door panels. The ultra-soft foam pad will not scratch paintwork or leave any swirl marks, and it is washable and reusable for multiple detail jobs one after the other. Pick up the Die Cut Durafoam Applicator Pad and see why professionals use them for every wax job they do on any car.

Laser cut finishing foam applicator pad
Ideal for that final touch of perfection
Bright red foam highlights any dirt, grime, and grease for extra special care on paintwork and other sensitive surfaces
Designed for bright and light color cars
Laser cut edges
Ideal for use with cream or paste waxes, leather conditioners, and dressings
Reduces product waste
100% machine washable

The Pro-Applicator Durafoam Die Cut Applicator Pad is the best applicator for wax and paste wax application. Engineered from the finest grade durafoam pads, this applicator offers just the right consistency for the finest and most even application of your favorite products. Constructed from high quality micro-fine closed cell poly foam, this applicator is pliable, strong and efficient. The Pro-Applicator Durafoam Die Cut Applicator Pad is 100% machine washable. The Pro-Applicator Durafoam Die Cut Applicator Pad is not just for waxing or polishing, it can be used to polish, scrub, wax and apply protectants. It is also a great choice for all other exterior and interior work including leather conditioners and dressings.

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