Dodo Juice Red Mist 500ml

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Dodo Juice's first quick detailer is, technically speaking, a spray sealant.
Half the quick detailers on the market are watery little weaklings with all the solids content of a cloud. Not Red Mist.

Red Mist is a veritable spray soup of synthetic sealants, designed to coat bodywork in a water-repellent molecular jacket after just one mist. Wipe it on, buff it off quickly and then feel the difference. Red Mist beads a treat (even on bare paintwork), feels slipperier than a well-oiled eel, and has impressive durability for something that's looks like an automotive version of Pledge.

Please note that Red Mist should never be used over 'fresh' wax or sealant due to interference from its strong solvents.

Use it instead of a wax, underneath a wax as a sealant base, or over a wax (after you have washed and dried your car, for a bit of extra 'bling' or to 'top up' the beading). Comes with a Viton chemi-resistant sprayer.

Life is too short to live without the Dodo Juice Red Mist 500ml. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 23, 2024