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FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING is an ultra-durable, extremely slick, and super hydrophobic window treatment which covalently bonds to glass. Rather than a hydrogen bond or even weaker van der Waals forces of attraction over the glass which wears off easily, FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING reacts with the glass forming a physical bond with it. These covalent bonds are incredibly difficult to break, which means a very durable and long-lasting coating.

Product Benefits

FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING is an economical and easy to apply professional window coating that is extremely durable. Certified installers can confidently offer this product to customers at a price that is extremely competitive with other coating brands, while equaling or surpassing the other brands in performance. While some glass coatings can be easy to install, some more difficult, Feynlab focuses on ease of application while surpassing more difficult to apply products durability. Our glass coating system consists of a cleaner/polish which removes grime, water spots, and film formation. The cleaner/polish step reveals“hydroxyls”,the reactive sites that the coating anchors to when it condenses on the surface. Several minutes after coating installation, a ceramic-like membrane is formed that fills in micro void sand covers the peaks with protection. Though this conversion takes place at the nano scale level, the beneficial change is clearly evident at the visual level, increasing the ability to “see through” the glass. The glass is essentially converted from a relatively reactive surface to one that is chemically inept, stain resistant, hydrophobic, and oleophobic!

WINDOW COATING is only for professional use by FEYNLAB® Approved and Accredited installers. Do not attempt to apply this product without training.

Durability, Warranty & Approved Surfaces
Expected durability has many variables like abrasion to the surface. However, expect six(6) months to a year on the windscreen and two(2) or more years on the side glass and rear window. Application includes polishing glass and at least one layer of Feynlab® Window Coating.


  • Glass only


  • 50 ml of Window Cleaner Polish
  • 10 ml of Window Coating –sufficient to coat one vehicle (all windows)

Always wear gloves during application. Eye protection and respirator recommended.

Prepping the Glass
Thoroughly clean the vehicle glass with Feynlab Pure Wash or Pure Rinseless. Follow with using Feynlab Window Cleaner Polish until grime and film formation are removed. We prefer a microfiber disk on a dual action polisher. At this point, the glass should be completely hydrophilic(water does NOT bead on the glass)and can be easily tested by wiping water over the surface. Once this is observed, you are now ready to apply Feynlab® Window Coating.

Prior to application, place vehicle in well lit area with temperature ranging from 10 degrees Celsius–30 degrees Celsius(50-85 F) and contaminant free. Make sure there are plenty of microfiber towels and either suede microfiber or applicator sponge.

FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING Application Instructions

Apply enough FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING on the applicator to fully cover one side window or 1/3 of thefront glass. Begin by making a plus (+) sign in the middle of the window or section and follow that with a picture frame around the area being coated. This helps with even distribution of the product. Now, fill in the remaining area in straight lines from left to right, then cross hatch up and down, making sure to create a level layer with even coverage.

Leveling/Buffing Surface Clear
Once 35 minutes has elapsed, take a clean microfiber towel and begin leveling the product. Begin this process in the area of the glass that you FIRST applied the product to.

Wiping Method: Using two hands, hold the towel so that fingertips of both hands are flat onto the towel facing one another. Then extend the arms fully holding the cloth and, with just enough force to engage the surface, wipe (drag) the towel toward the body. This method ensures the towel is traveling a single direction. Overlap wiping lanes by at least 10-15%. This method maximizes the removal results. Continue wiping in this fashion till the surface is 80-90% clear in the section you are working on.

Then, with another clean microfiber towel, buff any remaining residue off until the surface is clear and glossy and your microfiber towel slides easily across the coated surface.


Be sure to carefully inspect your finished glass for clarity and smudges. Check all of your edges, and other tight spaces for any remaining product. It is much easier to remove if you catch it within20 -30 minutes.


Repeat the Coating and Leveling/Buffing steps, moving panel by panel (multiple panels if environmental conditions allow) until the entire car is coated. Switch to clean towels when necessary and flip to a clean side of your applicator if the applicator begins to pick up any surface contaminants.


Although one layer of FEYNLAB® WINDOW COATING is sufficient to achieve great durability, another coat can be applied to any area where you desire additional protection (such as the front window). After wiping one layer clear, additional layers can be applied no less than one hour after the previous layer and no longer than three hours after the previous layer.

Post Application Instructions

  • Avoid any incidental water exposure for 24 hours
  • Avoid all chemicals including car washes for 7 days
  • Wash & Maintain using FEYNLAB® WASH or FEYNLAB® RINSELESS

Climate Notes
All FEYNLAB® Coatings are subject to different dwell and curing time windows due to humidity and temperature conditions. In General, the higher the humidity level the quicker the coating will cure. If humidity level approaches 75% or higher then consider lessening the recommended dwell and wipe times for the coating.

Additionally moving air will decrease coating dwell times for areas it contacts. Therefore, it is recommended to stop all moving air as much as possible during coating applications to ensure consistency for all portions of the vehicle.

Coatings are best applied in temperature controlled environments of  10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), with humidity as low as possible.

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