Milight RGB RGBW CCT Dimming 2.4G RF 4 Zone Wall Controller B4

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Mi-Light B4 wall controller to be used in conjunction with Mi-Light receivers. These can also be used along side the Wi-Fi controller. Please see other listing for these items.

This is a 4 zone controller, allowing you to control 4 RGB/CCT/ Dimming devices from one remote. You can also pair as many receivers as you want to each zone, making them very flexible.


Application for installation
  • MONO - one colour
  • CCT - with a variable colour temperature
  • RGB - multicolour
  • RGB+W - multicoloured with extra white
  • RGB+CCT - multicolour with a variable colour temperature

Characteristic features of the Mi-Light wall panel - B4

  • Switching on or off the connected LED illumination
  • Enables and disables all zones simultaneously
  • Dimming and brightening of the connected LED lighting
  • Dimming and brightening of all zones simultaneously
  • Achieve monochromatic colour
  • Colour capability for individual/all zones
  • Colour temperature control for individual/all zones
  • Available dynamic programs to change the characteristics of the work
  • Change the speed of your dynamic programs
  • Temporarily switch off the light after 60 seconds

Features of the wall panel Mi-Light - B4

  • Eight zones to use
  • Power supply via two AAA batteries
  • Radio range up to 30 meters
  • Elongation of the radio signal by signal re-transmissions
  • Sound signalling
  • Gentle illumination of the touch zone of the enclosed zone
  • Construction suitable for surface mounting (std single back box)


The Milight RGB RGBW CCT Dimming 2.4G RF 4 Zone Wall Controller B4 is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024